Master Steve Millis 7th Dan

Master Millis started training in Taekwon-Do under Mr William Tallon in 1991 at the UKTA RTA Devon Taekwon-Do school in Torbay.  In 1995 under the auspices of then Master Rhee Ki Ha he took over as Instructor of the Torbay schools when he promoted to 1st Kup Red belt.  Later that year he trained with the founder of Taekwon-Do General Choi Hong Hi in Reading UK and was promoted to 1st Dan black belt by Pioneer Master Rhee Ki Ha 8th Dan.

In 2002 was promoted to 4th Dan and qualified as an International Instructor after attending an IIC with then Grandmaster Rhee Ki Ha 9th Dan.

15 years later in 2017 he attended the ITF World Championships in Pyongyang, DPRK and was promoted to ITF 7th Dan Master after performing in front of examiners Grandmasters Hwang Ho Yong and Kim Ung Chol.

Following a successful national and international tournament career which included winning a Gold medal for team Power at the 2014 ITF World Championships, Master Millis started coaching at the ITF England National Squad sessions.  In 2016 he took over as Head Coach of ITF England.

Dan Date Examiner
I 10/09/1995 Master Rhee Ki Ha VIII
II 07/09/1997 GM Rhee Ki Ha IX
III 19/09/1999 GM Rhee Ki Ha IX
IV 22/06/2002 GM Rhee Ki Ha IX
V 27/08/2006 GM Rhee Ki Ha IX
VI 04/09/2011 GM Rhee Ki Ha IX
VII 16/09/2017 GM Hwang Ho Yong IX GM Kim Ung Chol IX

Mr Kevin Yeo 4th Dan

Mr Yeo started Taekwon-Do in 2000 under Master Millis.  He has competed at all grades, winning many medals in his Taekwon-Do journey.  He was promoted to 1st Degree on the 9th March 2003 under Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha IX. 

Mr Yeo was selected for the England team in 2008 and competed in the European Championships, gaining several medals with the squad.  He was also on the winning team in the Four Nations competition in the same year. 

Mr Yeo Taekwon-Do career goal was to reach 4th Dan which he achieved in 2012. 

Dan Date Examiner
I 09/03/2003 GM Rhee Ki Ha IX
II 29/08/2004 GM Rhee Ki Ha IX
III 27/08/2006 GM Rhee Ki Ha IX
IV 11/03/2012 Master Williamson VIII

Mr Shaun Parkin 4th Dan

Mr Parkin started Taekwon-Do under Mr William Tallon 2nd Dan in 1989. After a taking a few years out he returned to train with Mr Millis then a 2nd Dan.  Mr Parkin promoted to 1st Dan in 1999 alongside Mr Millis when promoted to 3rd Dan. 

Mr Parkin, now 4th Dan has always been an active competitor as a coloured belt and blackbelt, winning various medals nationally and internationally. His first international event was the 2012 World championships in Estonia where he competed for England in the same team as Master Millis.   

Mr Parkin enjoys working alongside Master Millis passing on his knowledge and helping to keep up the great standard in the South Devon Taekwon-Do schools.

Dan Date Examiner
I 19/09/1999 GM Rhee Ki Ha IX
II 09/09/2001 GM Rhee Ki Ha IX
III 09/10/2016 GM Williamson IX
IV 11/09/2022 GM Williamson IX

Mr Russell Mahoney 1st Dan

Mr Mahoney began training under Mr William Tallon in 1990 with the UKTA RTA Devon Taekwon-Do school in Torbay. Having trained intermittently he was promoted to 1st Kup by Master Rhee Ki Ha VIII in 1999. 

After an extended break he resumed his training in 2011, becoming a registered instructor with the British Taekwon-Do Council as well as being promoted to 1st Dan by Master Williamson VIII in 2014.

Dan Date Examiner
I 07/09/2014 Master Williamson VIII